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Extraits du catalogue

L'ANTIC COLONIAL Inspiring spaces. Inspired by nature

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Floor Covering Loose Lay Contract Titanium

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Linkfloor Collection Vinyl flooring which imitates woven thread or natural wood, ideal for home refurbishments and commercial areas. Material vinílico que imita el tejido o la madera natural, ideal para reformas en el hogar y espacios públicos. Matériau vinylique qui imite le tissu ou le bois naturel, idéal pour les rénovations de logements et d’espaces public

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For its versatility, comfort, durability, high quality, and maximum stability. This L'Antic Colonial series is made up of seven lines: Contract, Roll Contract, Wall Contract, Loose Lay Contract, Oak, Empire, and Hotel Air. In addition, these lines include references with different formats ranging from long boards for indoor floors to rolls for indoor floor or wall areas. These fabrics with revolutionary fibers combine vinyl flooring's use and resistance properties, with the look and texture of a fabric. In turn, the simulated wood finishes offer an accurate resemblance to wood's naturalness and...

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Floor Covering Hotel Air Earth

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Floor Covering Contract Gravel

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This product, depending on the line we choose, can be used both for wall covering and flooring, making it ideal for more demanding public spaces such as hotels, offices, restaurants... On the other hand, we find that Linkfloor has high resistance to stains, abrasion, UV rays... We thus have a true technical innovation, a suitable product for a wide variety of applications and with extensive reliability and longevity. Este producto, dependiendo de la coleccion que escojamos, puede ser utilizado tanto para revestir como para pavimentar espacios, siendo ideal para espacios publicos mâs exigentes como...

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Linkfloor is made up of different layers that have a braided textile finish or a look simulating natural wood on their top part, depending on the line in the question. Another positive point of this product is its resistance to water and moisture. On the other hand, we find that Linkfloor also has high resistance to stains, abrasion, UV rays... In addition, this material offers an innovative solution with a cutting-edge design that adapts perfectly to the most demanding settings, providing functionality and durability to this product. El Linkfloor esta compuesto por diferentes capas que, en su parte...

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Floor Covering Roll Contract Graphite

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Wall Covering Contract Sand

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This product has two simple ways for installing: floating, thanks to the Lock system for some lines, and glued for others. The first one lets us fit the pieces together, eliminating the gaps between different pieces of the material. The pressure exerted between the pieces thanks to this installation method strengthens the joint and prevents the material from being installed incorrectly. On the other hand, the second method, gluing, consists in applying the bonding product on the floor and installing the Linkfloor over it afterward. This gluing method is used for installing the rolls. We would...

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The first step for cleaning the Linkfloor takes place immediately after installation, as we must wipe with a damp cloth and carry out the first cleaning with the recommended product Clean&Green Active. With time, the importance of prevention will be the best way to keep our Linkfloor materials clean, thus preventing them from getting dirty. However, the daily cleaning of this product is very simple and an in-depth cleaning will only be needed from time to time in order to recover the initial look of our Linkfloor materials. El primer paso para la limpieza del Linkfloor se produce inmediatamente...

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Floor Covering Roll Contract Clay

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Floor Covering Contract Clay

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Composición Composition Linkfloor flooring by L’Antic Colonial consists of different layers depending on the model. Los pavimentos Linkfloor de L’Antic Colonial se componen de diferentes capas dependiendo del modelo. Les revêtements de sol Linkfloor de L’Antic Colonial sont composés de différentes couches en fonction du mod

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Contract range consists of a base in rigid PVC and a top layer with a braided textile finish. This material has a format of 30,3x91,3 cm, and it has a floating installation system thanks to Lock system. La coleccion Contract esta compuesta por una base de rigido PVC y por una capa con un acabado textil trenzado en su parte superior. Este material tiene un formato de 30,3x91,3cm con un modo de instalacion flotante gracias al sistema Lock. La collection Contract est constituée d'une base rigide en PVC et d'une couche avec une finition en textile tressé sur la partie supérieure. Le matériau est en...

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Floor Covering Roll Contract Graphite

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These models from the Contract series are characterized by their 2xiü-meter roll format that simulates braided textile material. It is a format that makes the installation of Linkfloor even easier. In this case, this installation will be carried out with a glued system. Estos modelos de la serie Contract se caracterizan por su formato enrollado de 2x10 metros que simula material textil trenzado. Un formato que facilita, mas si cabe, la instalacion de Linkfloor. En este caso, esta instalacion se realizara mediante un sistema encolado. Ces modèles de la série Contract sont caractérisés par un format en...

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Floor Covering Roll Contract Graphite Floor Covering Roll Contract Steel, Wall Covering Wall Contract Graphite

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Floor Covering Roll Contract Zinc

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The Wall Contract line has been designed to be used on vertical wall coverings, ceilings, bed headboards, furniture... Its roll format, which is 30 meters long and 1 meter wide, makes this material ideal for covering large surfaces. In addition, its thinness (0.16 cm) makes installation easier and faster, carried out using the gluing method. La coleccion Wall Contract ha sido disenada para ser aplicada sobre revestimientos verticales, techos, cabeceros de cama, muebles... Su formato de rollo con 30 metros de largo por 1 metro de ancho hace de este material el idoneo para recubrir grandes superficies....

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