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ksi Norm 2015 CLEAN TECHNOLOGY BY HAAS +SOHN OWES EMISSIO . LEVELS T FOR UTMOS" LIVING LEV To contribute to the protection of our environment for us means to optimally facilitate raw materials. Residues from the combustion process may be equated with a synonym for regression in technology. With clean technology our stoves are already today the products of the future! Provisions on emissions, which will only be applicable in Europe from 2015, are already today setting the limit values, which we are clearly and effectively going below by applying clean technology. The advantages for you are:...

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PRODUCT HIGHLIGHTS Pleaso check our extremely high-quality equipment components ofour stoves and cookers. Patented i-control - 60% less mission than stipulated by the strictest lgal provisions and a maximum saving of heating costs. High operating comfort through automated temp驩rature control and fui-ly autornatic air control, thus less particulate air pollution, Igss soot and reduced cleaning expenditures- Easy, comfortable andsafe handling. 24 h-Continuous Opration - guaranteed, continuons heating This possibility of heating underlines the high quality of the wood-burning stoves. Patented...

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WOOD STOVES Coziness, comfort and pleasant heat - a functional pice of furniture. But, wood-burning stoves from Haas+Sohn do not only convince by their design, Rapid heat gn詩ration, low fuel consumption and a high degree of efficiency constitute a cost-saving alternative heating - especially during the already cooler days of fall. RREIN/llUfVI

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f-- : Aחi L- 1 (+) The first »real« 4kW-stove > The perfect solution for low-energy houses and thermically renovated buildings NEW ״ (M W [# 80 CLEAN TECHNO^C^(^Y Javus 201.14 201.14 anthracite/maple cast grey/basalt ceramics ceramics 042011402 042011401 No 2,04,0 2,0-4,0 kW 120 120 kg ji^j Flue tube connection 0 120 mm 995/510/395 995 /510/395 mm |^_»|

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EXCELLENTLY INNOVATIVE © Permanent Glass Rinsing with fresh air for cleanliness and clear view on the fire. © High-temperature Ceramic Glass for safe operation and a clear view on the flames. © Riddle Grate enables a comfortable in-between cleaning of the combustion chamber even during operation. @ Removable Ash Trays for easy removal of residual ash. © Air Control as position display of the automatic air control. At the same time serves as emergency control in case of power failure. © Patented Automatic Air Control i-control ensures optimal dosage of combustion air. © External Air Supply...

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Awarded with i-2020 > Patented combustion technology > Great comfort > Sophisticated design > Saves energy and heating costs > Electronic regulation for lower emission levels of 9 mg/m3 i-2020-AUT cast grey sandstone 042471800 4,0-8,0 217 1150/598/481 i-2020-AUT cast grey Serpentino 042471802 No 4,0-8,0 kw ((5] 234 kg |Q| 1150/598/481 mm |2 REMIUM 11

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i-2060 i-2060-AUT cast grey/sweet-candy ceramics No 042471908 \(ty\ kW 4,0 - 8,0 |Q| kg 189 \J-\ mm 1150 /660 / 490 i-2060-AUT i-2060-AUT i-2060-AUT cast grey/coffee- cast grey/basalt cast grey/maple bean ceramics ceramics ceramics 042471907 042471905 042471906 4,0 - 8,0 4,0 - 8,0 4,0 - 8,0 189 189 189 ji*. ^ 1150/660/490 1150/660/490 1150/660/490 ^fjaJjJˮ^ More colours see page 38 ^S~~M^M PREMIU

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Radiation time with charge of kg wood without adding of other fuels* (00% 232.17-AUT cast groy sandstone "° 042321800 m_ 4.0-6.0 tg 272 » 1197/662/466 PREMIUM

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Trient 262.15-ST anthracite natural stone Serpentine 042621506 No 3.0-6.0 w 141 *9 1080/465/485 PREMIU

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M Zeta CLE AN TECHNOLOGY 317.15 casl grey/ceramics pista zie 033171602 3,5-7.0 142 1000/S51/396 317.15 casl grey/ceramics mocca 033171603 3,5-7.0 142 1CO0/5S1/396 317.15 cast grey/ ceramics cream 033171604 3.5-7.0 142 10O0/S51/396 317.15 cast grey / ceramics mocca-cream 033171605 3,5-7.0 142 10O7551/396 EMiurvi

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23 S g [g g g 172.17-AUT cast grey/basalt ceramics 041721805 4,0-8,0 189 1140/778/635 172.17-AUT cast grey/maple ceramics 041721806 4,0-8,0 189 1140/778/635 172.17-AUT cast grey/sweet-candy ceramics 041721808 4,0 - 8,0 189 1140/778/635 172.17-AUT cast grey/coffee-bean ceramics 041721807 4,0 - 8,0 189 1140/778/635 No kW kg 1f*] | mm "H REMIUM 19 More colours see page 38

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STQVES WITH BQILERS Stoves with boilers manufactured by Haas+Sohn combine the comfortably warm ambience of a wood-burning stove with the efficiency of a central heating. In an intelligent way, they make use of the entire amount of energy, optimize the degree of efficiency of a central heating system and eliminate the loss of radiation. This enables you to comfortably enjoy the crackling fire of the wood-burning stove and at the same time to heat environmentally friendly and above all, with a clear conscience reduced your heating costs! 20 PREMIUM

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CENTRAL HEATING WITH A WOOD STOVE CLEVER HEATING WITH WATER-CONDUCTING STOVES,SAFES MONEY AND PROTECTS THE ENVIRONMENT A part of the beat is used for direct heating of the rooms (1). The remai-ning beat wil be absorbed by a butfor (2). which >s atso loaded by othor sources ol onorgy, such as solar enorgy systerm Q) or boilers (4). As nooded, the beat from the buffer wltl be used for a feedmg-in into the central heaﭭting (5) or fer water treatment (61 Please note: May not be operated wrthout water suppry Please bave water connections be periormed by q ual if ied personnel A beat exchanger...

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CONSIDERABLE SAVING WITH THE INNOVATIONS BY HAAS + SOHN UP TO 50%REDUCED HEATING COSTS WITH OPTIMIZED ENERGY UTILIZATION > achieved through maximum efficiency of the Haas+Sohn innovations > achieved through independent, room-specific heating > achieved by using cost-effective fuels UP TO 70%LESS EMISSIONS WITH THE INNOVATIVE HAAS+SOHN TECHNOLOGY > through clean technology > through optimized combustion technology i-control > through automated fuel recognition Dual Control 24 PREMIUM

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