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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW


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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW - 1

BW series Sanitary barrier washers Lavadoras barrera sanitaria Laveuses à barrière aseptique

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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW - 2

BW Washers Lavadoras Laveuses In any laundry, the wash process is essential to guarantee the linen is well disinfected. Girbau’s BW washers with sanitary barrier result in the cleanest linen combined with the maximum hygiene. The build characteristics and design of BW washers ensure: The complete separation of the dirty linen and the clean linen. The dirty linen is loaded through the front door and the clean linen is unloaded from the back. The linen circulates flowing forward at all times, thus avoiding any risk of the clean linen being contaminated. They ensure an excellent hygienic...

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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW - 3

ONE-WAY LINEN CIRCULATION FLOW BW washing machines make it possible to ensure that the linen flows in a single direction, forward at all times, thus keeping the clean linen separate from the dirty linen. The graph shows the correct praxis in a laundry for avoiding risks of contamination and ensuring maximum disinfection. Handling of the linen is reduced to a minimum. The impossibility of opening both doors at the same time prevents any contact between dirty and clean linen, and therefore any possibility of contamination. FLUJO UNIDIRECCIONAL DE CIRCULACION DE LA ROPA Las lavadoras BW...

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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW - 5

MAXIMUM ERGONOMICS AND EASE OF USE BW washers are easy to use. The rotation of the drum and positioning of the door can be carried out automatically. The automatic mode ensures perfect alignment of the internal and external doors. An indicator light on the front tells the operator when the machine is ready to be reloaded. A buzzer notifies the operator that the washing cycle has ended. To aid in classifying the batches of clothes and expedite unloading, BW380, BW450 and BW630 washing machines have the option of one or two compartments, and BW840, BW1200 and BW1400 washing machines of 2 or 3...

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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW - 6

HIGH SPIN CAPACITY WITHOUT VIBRATIONS With a G factor of 350 and a maximum spin speed of up to 900 rpm, BW washers ensure that the linen has a very low level of residual moisture after the wash cycle, depending on the type of fabric, providing significant energy savings due to the reduction in the subsequent drying cycles. STURDY AND LONG-LASTING Just looking at and opening the doors of a Girbau BW washer is enough to be able to appreciate its sturdiness. The materials with which they are constructed and their build design stand as symbols of their durability, and in consequence, of the...

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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW - 7

MICROPROCESSOR CONTROL BW washing machines have different types of control depending on the machine model and the user’s washing requirements: ranging from closed controls to fully open controls that allow the addition of elements such as the option of weighing the load, installing a water recovery tank, having a third water input, incorporating a display in the clean area, ... There is also the possibility of connecting to a PC for easy programming and data exporting. The parameters involved in the washing process (water levels, washing and spin speeds, spin time, dosing time, ...) can be...

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Laveuses à barrierè aseptique BW - 8

Washers ■ Lavadoras ■ Laveuses GIHHHLÊ GIRBAU S.A. reserves the right to introduce modifications GIRBAU S.A. se reserva el derecho de introducir modificaciones GIRBAU S.A. se réserve le droit d'introduire des modifications. BRANCHES Argentina - Buenos Aires -Tel. +54-1 149017600 - Australia - Sydney - Tel. +61 2 96755860 - Brazil - Sao Paulo - Tel. +55 11-29820446 - China - Shenzhen & Hong Kong - Tel. +86-755-8211 1330 - Cuba - La Habana - Tel. (+53-7) 8662071 al 73 -...

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