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Yume & Black Yume Specchi / Mirrors YUME & BLACK YUME— StH, 2006 & 2011 Les miroirs Yume peuvent être placés horizontalement, verticalement ou pour les plus grands formats, posés au sol. Les deux versions de cadres, en aluminium brillant ou laqué noir, permettent d’adapter la collection à toutes les ambiances, tant domestiques que commerciales.

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Yume & Black Yume YUME & BLACK YUME — Gli specchi Yume possono essere appesi in orizzontale, in verticale o, nei formati più grandi, appoggiati a terra. Le due varianti di cornice, in alluminio lucido e ossidato nero, rendono la collezione adattabile a ogni ambiente, sia domestico che commerciale. and commercial. YUME & BLACK YUME — Yume mirrors can be hung horizontally, vertically, or in larger sizes, placed on the floor. Yume mirrors are presented with two frame versions, namely, polished aluminium and black oxidated, making the collection suitable for any environment, both domestic. YUME...

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Yume & Black Yume Specchi / Mirrors

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Miroirs - Yume - 5

MILOS Divano / Sofa BIFRONTE Tavolino / Side Table BLACK YUME Specchio / Mirror ALBINO FAMILY Tavolino / Side Table

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