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ICF S.p.A. Via Cassanese, 108 20060 Vignate, (MI) Italy t. +39 02 9508031 f. +39 02 95364012 icf@icf-office.it www.icf-office.it

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Office Furniture Made in Italy

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Mission Identity Heritage Competence Experience Commitment

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We would like to introduce office furniture collections made with real Italian quality. ICF is an industrial company with solid artisan traditions that makes innovatively designed products, each with their own style of features. For almost seventy years, we have been working to bring out the best harmonies of shape, value and efficiency because what really counts is that you are proud to have chosen our products. Nous vous présentons la qualité Made in Italy dans le domaine des systèmes d’ameublement de bureaux. ICF est une réalité industrielle dotée d’un savoir-faire artisanal solide, pour...

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Operations offices and factory in Vignate (Milan) Bureaux et établissements à Vignate (Milan) 4

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Mission “What is essential is invisible to the eye” Our fundamental goals is to produce comfortable, attractive office seatings and furnishings that make the work environment practical and pleasant, with no superfluous elements. Our guideline concept is the idea of a continuously developing collection. In other words, we don’t aim for a finished set of furniture, but a series of pieces that have the same personality in spite of their differences. Pieces that can be bought separately, but that always go together. Pieces designed with a specific scope but not in a way that prevents them from...

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Identity Skillful and passionate craftsmanship Ideas, design, assembly: every step of the production process is conducted with the utmost care and attention. Ours are not just projects, but high quality products. To us, quality means meticulous inspections during every phase, from the selection of materials through to delivery. Our work philosophy revolves around people and their daily commitments: each piece is made with internally engineered components and assembled in our Vignate factory. Creativity, experimentation, craftsmanship and highly specialised machinery are behind the details...

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We carefully control every step of production Aluminium is one of the materials that is present in many pieces in the ICF collections. A noble metal, infinitely recyclable, aluminium is light weight and durable. It can be die-cast into metal moulds to obtain compact, resistant parts with polished, chromed or painted finishes. L’aluminium est l’un des matériaux qui caractérisent de nombreuses collections ICF. Ce métal noble, recyclable à l’infini, présente des caractéristiques de légèreté et de durabilité, il est travaillé en moulage sous pression dans des formes en métal pour obtenir des...

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Training, specialisation, continuous updating. Professionalism is a value that allows us to anticipate trends, experiment, and solve problems: investing in people is our strong point. Formation, spécialisation, mise à jour continue. Le professionnalisme est une valeur qui nous permet d’anticiper, d’expérimenter, de résoudre : investir dans les ressources humaines est notre point fort

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Elastic mesh is known for its flexibility, breathability and lightness, and it is the material of choice for many of our chairs. A single element held by the aluminium structure makes for an extremely comfortable seat. The part is not pre-formed - it adapts perfectly to the body and posture of the user, and then returns to its original shape - thus guaranteeing a personalised level of comfort. Doté d’excellentes caractéristiques de flexibilité, de respirabilité et de légèreté, la trame élastique est la protagoniste de nombreuses assises. Un élément unique retenu par une structure en...

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Industrial craftmanship Each production phase combines traditional techniques and highly specialised machines. For example, our assembly benches are designed and built specifically for the correct assembly of each product and guarantee excellent duration over time. Chaque phase de la production associe des compétences artisanales à des machines hautement spécialisées. Les bancs de montage, par exemple, sont conçus et réalisés spécifiquement pour le montage correct de chaque produit et garantissent son excellente durabilité dans le temp

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Historical headquarters in Vimodrone (Milan) Site historique de Vimodrone (Milano) 14

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Heritage Our story begins in the ‘50s A history of design, love for research and experimentation. Since our establishment in the fifties, we have never stopped seeking the best solutions for every work environment, responding to the needs of convenience, comfort and durability. Ever at the forefront of contemporary culture, we have consistently worked to improve our creations, establishing an ongoing tradition of excellence. Collaborations with designers and architects who have made design history - Vico Magistretti, Sottsass Associati, Cini Boeri, Francesco Soro and Christophe Marchand,...

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A collection of products designed to last A pioneer in the design of partition walls (Programma Interparete, 1965) and systems of accessorised wall units and partition walls (Brick System 1970, 1982/83), the company became the symbol of passion for design as interpreted as a solution for any working environment. Dividing spaces constantly evolves to become flexible and contemporary. À l’avant-garde de la conception des cloisons de séparation (Programma Interparete, 1965) et des systèmes de cloisons équipées et de séparation (Brick System 1970, 1982/83), l’entreprise est devenue l’interprète...

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Designed in Milan, Made in Italy Concreteness, versatility, and a passion for beauty. Milan is an open, pulsating laboratory that has earned itself the title of capital of the Italian economy, fashion and design. It is also the city where we grew up and where we now work; a city with which we identify fully, sharing its values with all those people and businesses - whether within or beyond our national confines - with whom we collaborate. A way of life Concret, flexibilité that shines in every element of our collections. et passion au service de l’esthétique des objets : Milan est un...

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