Fours à Convection – serie HENERGO 50-75 - 8 Pages

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Fours à Convection – serie HENERGO 50-75

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FORNI VENTILATI HENERGO 50-75 F o r n i v e n t i l a t i - C o n v e c t i o n o v e n s - F o u r s à c o n v e c t i o n - K o n v e k t i o n s ö f e n - H o r n o s v e n t i l a d o s

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oem - ALI Spa Viale Lombardia, 33 - 46012 Boz zolo, (MN) I tal y Tel . +39 0376 910511 - Fax +39 0376 920754 - www.oemal i .com I dati riportati sul presente documento sono da ritenersi non vincolanti. oem ALI S.p.a. si riserva di apportare modifiche tecniche in qualsiasi momento. The specifications shown in this document are to be considered not binding. oem ALI S.p.a. reserves the right to make technical changes at any moment. Les données techniques sur ce document ne doivent pas être considérées contraigrantes. oem ALI S.p.a. se réserve le droit d’apporter des...

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