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MILLENNIUM BAKER is the answer to those who need an oven that can help them in every sale step and for every productive demand from pizza to confectionery and bakery products and vice versa: only one investment for multiples functions and for baking tins. Available with baking chambers of different heights depending on use. The variable dimension of the high chamber is a patented innovative solution that allows a considerable energetic saving and a great reactivity of the oven in comparison to the resumption of the temperature further to the opening of the door, especially using the height...

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MILLENNIUM BAKER es la solucion para quien necesita un horno para diferentes tipologias de pruduccion, desde la verdadera pizza hasta la pasteleria o la panaderia y viceversa: una unica inversion para muchas funciones para multiplos de bandeja. Es disponible con camaras de coccion con alturas diferentes segun el empleo. La medida modificable de entrada, lograda con un sistema patentado, es una solucion inovadora que permite de utilizar el mismo horno para producciones de pizza o pasteleria como para productos con mucha levadura con un importante ahorro energetico. La produccion nominal es...

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C o m a n d i D i g i t a l i Pannello di controllo con regolazione indipendente delle resistenze di cielo e platea a 20 posizioni (tuning 5%). Regolazione termostatica della temperatura attraverso comando elettronico (precisione 1 °C) e lettura attraverso display a led. Interruttore generale e illuminazione interna. D i g i t a l c o n t r o l s Control panel with independent adjustment of the ceiling and bedplate heating elements through 20 positions manual switches (tuning 5%). Temperature thermostatic setting through electronic control (1 °C accuracy) and reading through led display....

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STEAM KIT Special steam generator controlled by a programmable timer from 1 to 30 seconds that puts in the baking chamber steam obtained at a minimum temperature of 160 °C for an optimal humidification of the product during the baking, avoiding thermal shocks. The steam production is 50 water grams in 30 seconds. The steam generator could be directly connected to the water pipeline or fed by a local jerry can even placed internally to the oven. KIT VAPEUR Générateur de vapeur spécial (optionnel) contrôlé par le timer programmable de 1 à 30 secondes qui mène directement dans la chambre de...

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oem - ALI Spa Viale Lombardia, 33 - 46012 Boz zolo, (MN) I tal y Tel . +39 0376 910511 - Fax +39 0376 920754 - www.oemal i .com I dati riportati sul presente documento sono da ritenersi non vincolanti. oem ALI S.p.a. si riserva di apportare modifiche tecniche in qualsiasi momento. The specifications shown in this document are to be considered not binding. oem ALI S.p.a. reserves the right to make technical changes at any moment. Les données techniques sur ce document ne doivent pas être considérées contraigrantes. oem ALI S.p.a. se réserve le droit d’apporter des...

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