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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 1

for your house and gardening

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 3

Onduline® DIY solutions for your house and gardening ONDUVILLA® offered a complete system including matching accessories and all the tools I needed. I’m thrilled with the result. Now when guests come over, I’m happy to show off my new roof. And I’m happy to say I did it myself! The importance of DIY by Jean-Noel Fourel, CEO PATIO & EXTENSION M ad e by John ® with ONDUVILLA We have many key points in common, most notably a strong desire to ensure end-customer satisfaction and a strategy that places them at the center of our actions, which include offering them high quality solutions and...

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 4

ROOFING After Whether you use it as guest quarters, a play room or a workshop, you deserve an annex you can be proud of. Liven it up with a truly unique roofing solution that’s aesthetic, long-lasting and waterproof guaranteed. ONDUVILLA® offered a complete system including matching accessories and all the tools I needed. I’m thrilled with the result. Now when guests come over, I’m happy to show off my new roof. And I’m happy to say I did it myself! John. 39. Builder. MORE INFORMATION

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 5

COLOR RANGE PIGMENTED COLORS SHADED GREEN Gencode: 3467670014442 SHADED BROWN Gencode: 3467670014428 PAINTED COLORS FOREST GREEN 3D Gencode: 3467670014558 Foam fillers Package of 20 verge pieces Package of 20 slim caps Package of 20 closure caps Shaded Brown Shaded Green A complete, aesthetic and unique roofing system, composed of bitumen tiles & accessories. BENEFITS AESTHETIC WATERTIGHT LIGHTWEIGHT INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ONDULINE® SEALSMARTTM Only for 3D colors finished TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Corrugation height direction opposite to the prevailing winds. Start the fixing from the...

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 6

COLOR RANGE ONDULINE® CLASSIC Lightweight corrugated sheet. Reliable and well-known solution, suitable for a wide range of applications. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS 1. Start laying sheets over TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Corrugation height fixed in opposite direction to the prevailing winds. 3a. The ridge element has to overlap the ONDULINE® sheet min 12 cm. Weight per m² N° sheet per pallet Carbon footprint Norm The second row has to be started with half a sheet cut parallel to the corrugations, to misalign side overlaps. ONDULINE® SEALSMARTTM be used per sheet. Every corrugation should be...

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 7

COLOR RANGE VARNISH BLACK Gencode: 3467670018945 Universal ridge / verge 110 x 33 cm Easy to install, ONDULINE® EASYLINE sheets are light and, due to their dimensions, they are perfectly suitable to be used on small canopy roofs. LIGHTWEIGHT SIMPLE ONDULINE® SEALSMARTTM Corrugation height Laying in staggered rows avoids the superposition of 4 sheet thicknesses at overlap points. Always start your first row below the gutter, leaving maximum 7 cm overhang. Begin the second row with half an ONDULINE® EASYLINE sheet (cut lengthwise) and carry on with complete sheets. Carbon footprint Norm 3a....

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 8

SHAPE AND COLOR RANGE RECTANGULAR SLATE GREY Gencode: 3467670012202 SLATE GREY Gencode: 3467670012240 SLATE GREY Gencode: 3467670017948 BARDOLINE® CLASSIC Quality shingle for all kind of roof applications. Large choice of color and shapes. Well-known reliability. BENEFITS AESTHETIC INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS IMPACT RESISTANT 1. Installation is done on full galvanised nails per shingle. Nail through strip centre band and into the top edge of the lower course. (or right) strip by half a tab. On completion check the tile bonding, use adhesive to reinforce laps as required. Make sure that the...

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 9

GENERAL INFORMATIONS PLR (Polyester) Impact resistance - iltered light effect for good light F distribution - Good light transmission - xcellent light transmission and UV E resistance (UV protection on both sides) - ranslucent, bringing a smooth, wellT distributed and filtered light effect PC (Polycarbonate) Impact resistance + UV - esthetics, comfort and protection thanks A to excellent light transmission and good durability - xcellent impact resistance, high E mechanical resistance with the association of polyester resin and fibreglass - Excellent impact resistance (hailstorm) - year...

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 10

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS ROOF SLOPE The slope and the loads (snow in particular) define the distance between the purlins. Side overlap Distance between purlins Minimum roof slope Sheets should be laid so that the side laps are away from prevailing wind. Start installation at eaves first, ensuring proper overhang (max. 7 cm). Purlin position & corrugation fixing depend on profile: Fixation at min. 50 mm from the end of the sheet. PVC Sheets: all supports covered with PVC sheets have to be painted in a light color, preferably white to limit heating. The PVC sheets must not be installed as...

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 11

RANGE Color ROOFING Aluminium End Profile Aluminium Intermediate profile Double and triple layered, for uses such as skylights roofing and covering buildings, swimming pools and glazing. Excellent thermal insulation. C ontrolled daylight transmission. Flame retardant. Highly flexible and easy to install. Lightweight. U V blocking layer. Environmentally friendly. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Minimum slope: 15 % TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Light transmission Intermediate profiles Clear width 100 cm Expansion joint PC Multiwall sheet width 98 cm PC Multiwall Transparent Dimensions Cautions: Stock...

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Catalogue DIY 2014 - 12

Synthetic glass plate for interior design (extruded polystyrene) or outdoor (acrylic), like partitions and windows. Stronger and more economical than glass. T wice as insulating as glass. Transparent. E asy to work (with traditional tools). Protected by a polyethylene film on the smooth side. TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS Thickness Density Light transmission Modulus of elasticity MORE INFORMATION

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