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SOLUTIONS Founded in 1961 and with over 50 years of experience in the sector, Sammic has been manufacturing ware washing equipment since 1968. This experience and know-how, along with our proximity to the distributor and our in-depth analysis of the different types of end users, have been key for the development of our range of Glasswashers and Dishwashers organised into 3 series with different levels of performance, with a single aim: to be the RIght Choice for each User of these units. Commencing with the PRO series, conceived to obtain a fully guaranteed professional result whilst...

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CLEAN AND HYGIENIC RESULTS EFFICACITÉ EN NETTOYAGE ET HYGIÈNE High-performance dispersers The high performance dispersers by Sammic, made in stainless steel, recessed and of high quality, guarantee even distribution of the wash water without blind spots and with precise spray pattern, obtaining perfect wash results even with the most stubborn soiled items. Efficiency of the filtering system Double filtering system for greater protection of the wash pump. All models also have an additional safety filter for the drain pump. Optimal washing and rinsing temperatures Guaranteed washing (55°C)...

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MAXIMUM COMFORT FOR THE USER confort maximal pour l-utIlISAtEUR Easy and intuitive operation The use of Sammic dishwashers is simple enough to require little attention. Filling and heating of the tank The filling and heating of the tank is totally automatic, reducing the intervention of the user to a minimum. Automatic rinsing Washing cycles with totally automatic final rinsing. Auto cycle start In hood-type models, the cycle start can be manual or automatic. Steam extraction under control Hood-type models have a channel for drips and a rear opening of the hood to extract steam, improving...

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Environment-friendly Low consumption of water and detergent per cycle and a reduction of energy consumption are achieved without sacrificing the effectiveness of the washing, contributing towards better sustainability and respect for the environment. Switched elements, limited consumption The washing and rinsing elements are switched to limit the required installed power. Minimisation of waste and the possibility of recycling Sammic focuses on generating the least amount of material waste and on the best possible recycling capacity for its products. The main component of the machines is...

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FLEXIBILITY AND VERSATILITY SOUPLESSE ET VERSATILITÉ Program sélection Sélection of 3 washing cycles depending on the material to be washed or on the amount of soil. Température display Visualisation of washing and rinsing temperatures and LEDs indicating the state of the machine. Thermal cycle delay Guarantees that the minimum rinsing temperature at the start of the cycle is 85°C. Guarantee of disinfection and hygiene. Final cold rinsing Depending on the use intended for the glasses after washing, it may be more important that the glass is cold rather than dry. With the option of final...

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PERFORMANCE AND PROFITABILITY rendement ET RENTABiLiTË Steam condenser with heat recovery system In the hood-type models, thanks to the innovative HRS system by Sammic, the machine extracts the hot water steam from inside and uses its energy to heat the water coming in from the mains. This reduces your energy costs by 30% and also permanently improves the environment, reducing the temperature of the exhaust air by half. Thermal and acoustic insulation The double wall construction allows for a better retention of heat (40%), reducing energy consumption and improving the efficiency of the...

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QUALITY AND RELIABILITY QUALITÉ et fiABILITe Top quality materials Construction in AISI 304 18/10 stainless steel of the highest quality with a “scotch brite” finish, to obtain maximum durability even in tough working conditions. 100% tested In addition to the rigourous controls that each component goes through, all the machines are tested after their assembly. Easy maintenance The spray arms, in addition to the filtration system components, can be removed by hand for their maintenance and cleaning. Accessibility for technicians The front cover, easily removable, allows easy access to...

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RANGE ■ GAMME iiSUPRRi:GLASSWASHERS | LAVE-VERRES wmmwgmm • Electronic control panel: automatic operation. • 400 x 400 mm. basket. • Usable height: 280 mm. • 3 washing cycles: 9071207150” and final cold rinse facility. • Wash tank heating: 1,5 kW. • Boiler heating: 2,8 kW. • Wash and rinse temperature display. • Options: ■ Drain pump. ■ Built-in water softener. • Panneau électronique: fonctionnement automatique. • Panier de 400 x 400 mm. • Hauteur de passage: 280 mm. • 3 cycles fixes: 9071207150" et rinçage eau froid. • Cuve de lavage: 1,5 kW. • Chaudière de rinçage: 2,8 kW. • Visualisation...

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RANGE ■ GAMME iiSUPRRi:FRONT LOADING DISHWASHERS | LAVE-VAISSELLE À CHARGEMENT FRONTAL 5-60 5-50 • Multi-phase and multi-power model. • Electronic control panel: automatic operation. • 500 x 500 mm. basket. • Usable height: 330 mm. • 3 washing cycles: 12071507210”. • Wash tank heating: 2.5 kW. • Boiler heating: 3 kW / 4.5 kW • Wash and rinse temperature display • In option: built-in water softener, drain pump, stainless steel top-of-tank filter set. • Commutable et multi-power model. • Panneau électronique: fonctionnement automatique. • Panier de 500 x 500 mm. • Hauteur de passage: 330 mm....

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RANGE ■ GAMME iiSUPRRi:PASS THROUGH DISHWASHERS | LAVE-VAISSELLE À CAPOT5-100 | 5-120 • Double skinned hood. • Electronic control panel: automatic operation. • 500 x 500 mm. basket. • Usable height: 400 mm. basket. • 3 washing cycles: 60”/120”/180”. • S-100: ■ Wash tank heating: 2.5 kW. ■ Boiler heating: 7.5 kW. • S-120: ■ Wash tank heating: 3 kW. ■ Boiler heating: 9 kW. • Wash and rinse temperature display. • Options: ■ Drain pump. ■ Booster pump. ■ Constant rinse temperature system with booster pump and "break tank". ■ Steam condensing unit with heat recovery system. • Capot à double...

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